Policies and Rules

We love our casita and want to keep it clean and nice for future guests.

• We have a Kiss the Sky parking place sign located in our drive for your convenience.

• As we know many of our guests will be hiking and biking in the red rocks we ask that you remove your shoes before entering the casita. We are kinda zen and hippy like that.

• If you are staying for more than 2 days and your trash begins to “grow legs” please place it outside in the morning by 9am. Please don’t place it outside the night before otherwise you might have a pack of Javelinas greeting you in the morning!

• We have horses and chickens on our property and love when our guests enjoy their company. We ask that you don’t feed the horses or chickens unless we are present as they are on special diets.  We also ask that you don’t enter the horse gates without us present as well. But you’re welcome to say hello to them through the gates and take pictures!